At 12 years of age Thomas Larsson got his first guitar, a gift from his parents. The reason was probably not turning him into a world-class guitarist…

-I guess it was more of an attempt keeping me away from doing bad things. I had my first electric a year later and than Clas Yngström (Sky High) taught my brother and me some blues-riffs and licks. I realized at once guitar was my thing cause I learned so easily.

Thomas played that axe until nothing was left and there were no question about the right choice of interest. Quite soon he started his first band, or at least tried to…

-A friend and me started a band when I was 14 years old and none of us could read music. We had to play something so we made up some chords and melodies and just played. We didn’t think much about songwriting, it came naturally. We didn’t even have a bass-player. Somehow we managed to amuse ourselves, which was the reason we played.

One day Thomas was asked to join a serious band named Six Feet Under. 1982, at age 17, Thomas recorded his first album and in mid eighties Six Feet Under was one of the leading rock bands in Sweden.

-Those years gave a lot, both good and bad. We had great fun and learned everything from songwriting, being on tour, recording and ”trying not to kill each other”.

After two albums and over 200 gigs, Six Feet Under disappeared and Thomas spent some years freelancing. Next platform was Yeah Bop Station, a highly renowned melodic rock band with the Kempff- sisters (Chatanooga) playing bass and drums.

-It was the first time I played with girls in a rock band. I remember how serious they were about the business-part. They worked hard to get gigs, catching record labels and having publishers interested etc. My earlier experience from being in a band was more an undivided focus on playing music, and nothing else. Yeah Bob Station was fun (a trio) but unfortunately we peaked at the wrong time when the grunge-metal era took over. I still think many of the tracks from the album ”Up front” are very good and both sisters made a huge job.

Later Thomas and Hempo Hildén formed a band together with John Levén and Göran Edman. Soon Anders Bojfeldt (United) joined, and the band was named King Siguurd. This band sounded really good, and before we even recorded an album we got the opportunity to work with Glenn Hughes .Together with Glenn Hughes Thomas got involved in the two albums ”From now on” and ”Burning Japan ”. Thomas did not only play the guitar but also wrote songs for those two albums, by many Hughes fans regarded as his best solo works.

-Glenn Hughes is a phenomenal singer and I really enjoyed working with him.

While being on tour in Asia with Hughes Thomas got offered a solo-album deal with Japanese label Zero Corporation. The result was ”Freeride”, which was released -96 in Japan. Freeride wasn’t released worldwide until year 2000. After two years with Glenn Hughes Thomas daughter, Cornelia, was born and Thomas took a brake from the scene.

-Freeride was my first solo-project. After getting tons of good feedback and reviews from fans and media I’ve now decided to continue doing things my way.

Baltimoore is another band Thomas has been involved in for several years. Baltimoore is mainly powered by singer Björn Lodin and Thomas have been playing on several albums.

At last Thomas has his local set-up ”Boccabandet” that is one of the most wanted cover-bands around playing everything from Sweet to Dixie-Dregs and Uli Roth. Boccabandet only does a few gigs every year including the one on famous ”Rockbåten” -a ferry full of rock, going from Stockholm to Helsinki in Finland.

After trying to do a mixed album, which every recordlabel thought was inconsistent, Thomas decided to make two different albums out of it. The first one became the instrumental album named “Harmonic Passion” which was released in late -06. The second album, with vocals, will be produced in the near future.

-Beside the music, I’m also working as a teacher in electronics, having kids and family. My time for musical projects is limited. I’m also that kind of person that put high demands on both my songs and my playing. This is the main reason I cannot work as fast as I wish. I think, and hope, that the “Harmonic Passion” album is going to make the future better in order to shoot 100% as a musician again!

At the moment you’ll find Thomas Larsson in his own studio, hammering the hills on his mountainbike or beating the bush on skies.