What to expect?

Thomas Larsson mainly spend his time creating new songs and sounds, if not being on stage. Beside his own productions he also does alot freelancing. Putting guitar, lead and solo, for other artists is the most common. Last couple of years Thomas has also been involved in composing music for TV-promos and videos.

In his own workshop he builds, repairs and modifies amps and effects, not only for own use. Alot time is also spend analyzing and testing products for a bunch of different brands in the guitarindustry. His combined qualitys from playing worldclass guitar and knowledge in electrical circuitry and polarity gives most brands a hard time when it comes to feedback.

If you´d like to have Thomas Larsson putting his magic fingers into your existing work, do not hesitate to get in touch. The Dalecarlian legend is ready with his axe and soldering iron!

If you’d like further information about Thomas Larsson don’t hesitate to contact him by mail to ADR-Production. Your response is carefully read and highly appreciated.


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Andreas Danielsson
Location: Tranholmen, Stockholm
E-mail: andreas@pureorange.se

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